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SolidRF SOHO Tri-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T T-Mobile for Home and Office

SolidRF SOHO Tri-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T T-Mobile for Home and Office

$199.00 $319.00


Works on AT&T 2G/3G/4G, Verizon 3G, T-Mobile 2G/3G/4G, Sprint 3G/4G,US Cellular 3G, Metro PCS 3G, All other carriers using 850 MHz, 1900 MHz or 700 MHz(Band 12/17)

Supports 4G LTE service on 700 MHz (Band 12/17) , 850 and 1900 MHz only for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile etc

Does NOT support Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile 4G LTE on 2100 MHz

Allows multiple mobile devices to be used simultaneously

Greatly reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates

High integration semiconductor circuits design, internal integration inside antenna easily install

Reduces radiation and extends battery life up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak signal areas

Oscillation (or interference) detection and automatic shutdown with auto reset

Overload protection circuit – protects cell towers from being overloaded

Power control logic ensures maximum gain is within cellular standards

Amplifies signals both to and from the cell tower

Maximum 2 watts(EIRP) output power

How it work

Step 1: The powerful outside antenna captures a voice and data signal, and transfer it to the booster;

Step 2: The booster receives the signal, amplifies it and rebroadcasts it by inside antenna.

Step 3: Your mobile devices get a better signal, never experience dropped calls or slow data speed.

Supported Carriers

AT&T 2G/3G/4G 

Verizon 3G

T-Mobile 2G/3G/4G

Sprint 3G/4G

US Cellular 3G

Metro PCS 3G

Canadian Carriers 2G/3G

All other carriers using 700 Mhz (Band 12/17) 850 MHz and 1900 MHz

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